By way of accepting the delivery contained herein, the Customer agrees to pay the total amount stated in this invoice without any deductions whatsoever and within the agreed payment terms. Once goods are delivered, the sale is deemed final. Therefore the Customer may not return the products supplied for a refund. On the rare occasions, exceptions may be made on a case to case basis for a refund request. Should the refund request be successful, Eurovets Veterinary Medicines LLC (Eurovets)  reserves the right to provide a partial refund to cover labour and transportation costs. It is the Customer’s responsibilities to maintain all perishable items in FEFO (first expiry first out) basis.  

Cheque payment should be made payable to  “EUROVETS VETERINARY MEDICINES LLC”. In case of dishonoured cheques or non-payment of outstanding dues, Eurovets will cease further deliveries until all outstanding amounts are paid in full, or pursue legal action to recover the funds. Recurrent dishonoured cheques may result in revocation of any credit facilities previously extended. A penalty fee for each returned cheque will be imposed regardless of the cause of the return.


Thank you for your business. We hope you are happy with the products you purchased from us and that the quality of the products we carry met your expectations. As with any business transactions, there are terms and conditions for every sale. It is vital that you are aware, that by placing an order or making a purchase at Eurovetsyou agree to our terms and conditions set forth.

We endeavor to provide you the best product quality and services. Based on this principle, once goods are delivered, the sale is deemed final and fully payable.

We understand however, that sometimes a product may not be what you expected it to be. In that unlikely event, we ask you to review the following terms related to returning a product, which is subject to approval, and considerations are made on a case-to-case basis.

Should your return/refund request be successful, a credit note will be issued by us which can be used against any future purchases. Eurovets reserves the right to provide a partial refund to cover labour and transportation costs. Please note that we do not issue cash or cheque refunds. Should a return/refund request be refused by Eurovets, please respect our management’s decision, it is final and cannot be disputed.

Customers are cautioned not to return any product to any of Eurovets’s representative if it is not accompanied by a credit note from us. Customers who choose to return something to any of Eurovets representative without a credit note in exchange, does so at it’s own risks and cannot expect a refund / exchange / credit note subsequently.

Products returned to us must be free of price tags / price markings. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that all price tags / price markings are removed from the packaging. Eurovets reserves the right to refuse an item if the packaging is not in a good sellable condition or that if it is deteriorated.

Certain products cannot be returned. This includes but not limited to:

  • damaged / non-resalable product
  • heat sensitive veterinary supplies
  • opened sterile items
  • special orders
  • opened or expired animal food
  • special bulk deals
  • trade promotional offers & discounted items

Customers may not return products to Eurovets with the intention of reducing their payables with us. Under no circumstances can a customer withhold their payment due to pending outcome of a sales return request. Eurovets reserves the right to refuse a return / refund request if customer’s account is in arrears.

Where applicable, certain technical products supplied are provided with manufacturer’s warranty. There will be no refund or replacement for any products that falls outside the Limited Product Warranty and Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Last update: December 27, 2017