Dental Bur Kit Ra

Dental Bur Kit Ra

301.0 AED

301.00 AED

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Product Description

The iM3 bur kits are autoclavable and have an illustration of the bur head and reorder code. Each kit comes with a card suggesting the use for various burs in the kit. These right angle burs have a 22mm long shank and a small notch at the end of the shank for locking the bur in place. These burs are commonly used in electric micromotors and low speed air driven handpieces. 20,000 - 30,000 RPM.

The RA bur kit consists of:
2 x C9100 (#4 round) acces openings for root canals or in pulpotomies
2 x D7830 (#37 inverted cone) undercutting for restoration or access openings
1 x D7850 (#661 flame with arcansas stone) smoothing shallow ORL's (neck lesions) and sharp enamel edges.
1 x C9290 (#557 cross cut fissure) sectioning teeht
2 x D7840 (#170L long taper fissure) odontoplasty of crowded teeth
2 x D5620 (#8 round) gross reduction of tooth structure, smoothing boney tissue. Also can be used to cut IM pins