Calibra Vd Dry Dog Hypoallergenic 12Kg

Calibra Vd Dry Dog Hypoallergenic 12Kg

282.0 AED

282.00 AED

E Code: E006343

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Product Description

INTENDED USE: Reduction of ingredient and nutrient intolerance Support of skin function in case of dermatosis and hair loss

INDICATIONS: Adverse food reactions (AFR) - dermatological and gastrointestinal symptoms Atopic dermatitis, otitis externa Dermatosis (Zn responsive, Vitamin A responsive, other) Flea allergy dermatitis (FAD) Support of skin lesions and skin wound healing Support by hair loss and bad quality of haircoat Long-time diet after the elimination diet

COMPOSITION: potato starch (51%), salmon (21%), hydrolysed salmon protein (12%), chicken fat (8%), salmon oil (3%), hydrolysed chicken liver, brewer´s yeast, herbal & fruit extract (300 mg/kg – rosemary, grapes, turmeric, citrus, cloves), mannan-oligosaccharides (180 mg/kg), fructo-oligosaccharides (120 mg/kg), yucca schidigera extract (120 mg/kg)