Catalyst Sdma (12)

Catalyst Sdma (12)

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Product Description

The Catalyst® SDMA Test is a new immunoassay system from IDEXX that is designed to measure SDMA concentrations in serum or lithium heparin plasma samples from dogs and cats without the need to dilute the sample. It is designed to produce prompt, reliable and accurate test results in the veterinary clinic on either the IDEXX Catalyst One® or IDEXX Catalyst Dx® chemistry analyzers.

It has the same reference interval (0–14 µg/dL), interpretive guidelines, and reportable range (0–100 µg/dL) as the reference laboratory IDEXX SDMA Test. An increased SDMA indicates decreased kidney function, which can occur as a result of acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease (CKD), or both.

The IDEXX SDMA Test Algorithm will help you take the appropriate steps towards confirming disease and diagnosis when SDMA is increased.